I will stay in Sweden as long as I publish a little line or two every morning.

Yesterday was a bit tough, not much hope, considered going home, which is what made me think of this challenge.

Why write a little every day on Medium? To give news to those who want it and so that maybe I can get some people interested in what I do. This is a very self-centered vision because that’s the point of every single person on Medium. Even more selfish since I don’t read other people’s articles and expect them to read me. Haha, readers will think.

Very snazzy website. It makes you think that you are writing an article with the fonts and simplicity, makes you think like you’re a NYT journalist, when in fact you can say anything and publish it.

Last night I dreamt of being molested by a band that sung really badly. Really quite a shocking dream. Almost traumatized I guess. My body tenses when I think of how they held me so that I could not move.

Like everybody publishing on the web for the first time, I hope that no weird internet creep will publish my things or blackmail me for them. Classic spotlight effect. Nobody cares, amigo.

Hola amigo, this is my first blog and I am self-conscious.